Facilitating Organizational Change Webinar (July 2013)

The Smart Policing Initiative presented a webinar on "Facilitating Organizational Change" on July 25, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern Time.  Brenda J. Bond, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Service in the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, and SPI Subject Matter Expert, facilitated this webinar. This webinar described concepts related to organizational change.  The webinar began with a discussion of why law enforcement organizations must embrace and learn from change, then reviewed various models of organizational change processes, offering SPI webinar participants a variety of tools and approaches for introducing and implementing change in their agencies.  The webinar offered the opportunity to discuss the real and complex obstacles to change, focusing primarily on ways to avoid and/or head off these obstacles.  Practical examples from law enforcement and other sectors were presented, including presentations by SPI sites Boston, MA; Columbia, SC; Lowell, MA; and Michigan State Police.

You can download a copy of the slide presentation here and a copy of the Kotter Change Model handout here.

Recommended Reading

In order to maximize learning, we provide recommended reading for participants to undertake before the webinar presentation.  By reading the recommended materials, participants will come to the webinar presentation with a basic understanding of the issues, prepared with questions, and ready to make the most of the learning environment.

Prior to this webinar on organizational change, we recommend reviewing the following article:

You may also find the following resources of interest:

  • The Art of Making Change Initiatives Stick by Michael A. Roberto and Lynne C. Levesque, in MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2005.  This article is available online here: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-art-of-making-change-initiatives-stick/ (access to the complete article requires signing up for free membership).
  • Research in Progress - Relational Coordination and Organizational Change, Relational Coordination Research Collaborative at Brandeis University.  This collection of articles and case studies in the health field is available online here.
  • Additional articles about organizational change can be found in our resource library, accessible here.